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Next month of May we will celebrate 14 years. WordPress is not only the most used content manager in the world, it is also the fastest growing, to the point that one of four new websites use it, according to recent data.

What is the secret?

Obviously, you can not name a single element, but if we had to do so we would have to opt for accessibility. WordPress is a content manager that bets for simplicity and allows the majority of users to create their own websites even if they do not have computer skills.

WordPress has caught the attention of developers around the world who have put their time to improve the manager. For example, WordPress has almost 50 thousand plugins, that is, applications or programs that relate to it to add a function or to enhance its performance. And here comes into play the tool that we want to talk about today: WordPress Stash.

WordPress Stash is a web page that has only three months of life, but it aspires to be a reference among those users who want to improve their website through the plugins. The mission of this page, in broad strokes, is to separate the grain from the chaff. The great virtue of WordPress, those 50 thousand plugins that give you a multitude of possibilities, is at the same time one of its weaknesses, since many of them are not up to date, have stopped working correctly or do not adapt to what we are looking for.

WordPress Stash
Sometimes, finding the right plugin becomes an odyssey. And that’s when WordPress Stash comes in, which has already done this filtering process and presents the most recommended plugins for every need. These applications are divided into categories: “Advertising”, to manage ads on the page; “Analytics”, to take control of the traffic in the site; “Comments”, to manage comments; Or, among others, “SEO”, to improve the positioning of our website in search engines.

Within each category we will find a small selection of plugins that receive updates periodically, that have been downloaded and installed without problems and that fulfill the function for which they have been created. In addition, each of these plugins is accompanied by a summary with its functions and a link to download it.

The creator (or creators) of this page proposes to users to make their contributions to help discover the best resources of WordPress that have not been highlighted, as well as to report potential errors between recommendations. 


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