You are starting to research how to make a web page or a blog and do not stop finding WordPress everywhere, but what is WordPress?

WordPress is what is known as a CMS (Content Management System). Is a system that allows us to create a website, from a blog to a page for whatever purposes.

The story of WordPress?

Back in 2003 WordPress was born. Its predecessor was b2 / cafeblog: designed for the exclusive creation of blog. With a young founder, he was only 18, Matt Mullenweg became creator and user of his own platform.

He realized the shortcomings and improvements that his management system needed. And take the end of b2 / cafeblog to use its source code and start with what we know today as WordPress.

But Matt Mullenweg was not the only developer,Ryan Boren and Mike Little, along with a large staff that made it possible for this to work.

What are the main WordPress features

For a content management system to work this way, it has to be because it has characteristics that distinguish it from the rest. Let’s see what they are:

  • · It’s free. This is the main benefit..
  •   It has open source. It is beneficial because the community itself can contribute and correct faults.
  •   It’s very versatile. In this platform we find themes for different websites, there are many to choose from and we can also add plugins based on our needs.
  • Integrates social networks. You can integrate your RRSS so that your visitors find you easily.
  • In all languages. We can create blogs or websites in almost any language.
  • It’s responsive. Yes, it fits automatically to a tablet or smartphone. This makes it possible for us to view our blog or website on any device.
  • Easy to maintain. Your updates come automatically and with one click you can stay up to date. As simple as that.

Advantages of using WordPress

  • It has a learning curve that allows learning a lot in a short time.
  • It’s easy to use. This characteristic is fundamental, especially for people who do not have too much code knowledge. It is an intuitive software that lets us create without having to previously study programming or topics related to technology.
  • Optimized with SEO. We could say that WordPress is a friend of SEO and that is thanks to the fact that the indexing in search engines is done in a simple way.
  • You learn with other users. The community allows you to learn and improve with the knowledge that you can share with all of them.
  • You can make money. WordPress helps you to make your website profitable by offering services, selling products, advertising, etc.

What do you think about WordPress? Do you prefer another CMS?

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